Define Your Brand Objectives to Create Your Marketing Roadmap

Brand Objectives

Welcome to part three of the branding process—defining your Brand Objectives. Understanding that your brand more than your logo is crucial if you want to build a sustainable business. Brand Objectives are the strategies you will work toward that will help you achieve your Mission. They will help you stay on track with building your brand. They will also help you determine what marketing you need to budget for to help you meet those Objectives. (If you haven't read about defining your Mission and Values yet, go back to those articles and then meet me back here.)

Example: My Mission is to provide design services to businesses that share my vision for a cleaner planet and a vegan lifestyle so that my clients and I can work towards a common goal together. I know that to achieve my Mission, I need to ensure the following Brand Objectives get met:

  1. Attract like-minded businesses

  2. Educate clients about the importance of professional design services for business growth

  3. Provide high-quality, custom design solutions

  4. Contribute to building awareness about sustainability and a vegan lifestyle

  5. Ensure an efficient and effective working relationship with my clients

What I am NOT defining here are the details of HOW I'm going to achieve those Objectives. That step will come later when I explain my marketing strategies. Make sense? Read on...

Define your Brand Objectives by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What needs to be done to achieve my Mission?

  • What do I want my brand to do for my business?

  • How do I want my brand to be perceived?

These can also be thought of as goals for your business. What goals do you need to reach to make sure that your Mission is implemented? Before you hastily jump on the latest marketing trend you heard about, you can look to your Objectives and ask yourself if that particular marketing tactic will help you achieve any of your goals.

For this reason, you can also see how your Objectives are linked to your budget. As the rapper Ice Cube says, "Check yo self before you wreck yourself." Don't head down a marketing path that's going to break the bank and not move you any closer towards your goals. Many of us see what others are doing with their marketing, and we want to do something similar. Even worse, we get advice from people that don't understand our industry or what our Objectives are. If you're going to make progress with your marketing, you have to stay laser-focused on your goals, or you will get pulled in a thousand directions by the next new, shiny marketing tactic that gets suggested to you.

The branding process may seem tedious, but skipping these steps can lead to confusion for your audience. You need to know who you are as a business so your communications can be as efficient as possible. Ensure that money spent on marketing is going to bring you closer to your business goals. 

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