Develop Your Brand Positioning to Stand out in the Crowd

Brand Positioning

Your Brand Positioning is that one idea your customers think of when they think of your business. This one idea is different than what they think of your competitors. Your brand doesn't need to appeal to everyone. You only need to appeal to your target audience. So if you want to capture their attention, it's Brand Positioning that is going to make you stand out. It is how customers perceive one brand as distinct from its competitors.

Evaluate Your Differentiation

Your Brand Positioning Statement is the reason your brand exists for the customers you serve. It should come from your Mission and Vision, and it should answer these questions:

  • Whom are you targeting?

  • What goal does your target audience achieve by buying from you?

  • What makes your brand different than any other brand?

Your Unique Selling Proposition

Another way to think about Brand Positioning is a USP or unique selling proposition. You have to define what is going to make your target customer want to buy from you over your competitor. By identifying your positioning, you narrow your focus to customers who fit your brand.

A few examples of my clients include:

  • Pure Eco Spa & Boutique: What makes them different?
    They provide high-quality skincare products and services that are organic and cruelty-free. They give their clients a non-toxic way to maintain or improve on their skincare goals.

  • Bio Tech Pest Controls: What makes them different?
    They only use environmentally friendly and humane pest treatments. This gives their clients a compassionate way to rid their home of pests without the use of harsh chemicals or cruel means of extermination.

  • Ferns & Peonies: What makes them different?
    They provide a place online for those interested in learning more about living a vegan, gluten-free and healthy lifestyle. Their blogs, downloads, and recipes all focus on helping their readers become more intentional about how they are feeding their minds, bodies and impacting the planet.

  • Grand & Water Antiques: What makes them different?
    They have many antiques reupholstered with current patterns to give them a modern twist. This allows their customers to achieve a look for their home that is unique while also being a "green" alternative to buying something entirely new.

The USP of each of these businesses may not appeal to the masses, but they aren't trying to. The right customer for them is a repeat customer who appreciates what makes them different.

Successful Brands Demonstrate a Difference with their Brand Positioning

So what makes your business different? Let me know in the comments below. If you need help marketing to your target audience, let's chat!