Nurture Your Fans

Nurture Your Clients

Even though you might not be a rock star, you still have fans—fans of your business and your brand.

Your fans are the folks that show up time and time again to purchase your products, use your services, read your blog or make a donation. They spread the word about what you are doing and how you may have helped them or created something for them. Do you know who your fans are? Are you taking care of those particular customers? Do you take the time to nurture your clients?

I have clients that I have been working with for years. They come to me consistently, and they have been happy with the results they see from the design services I provide. A few months ago, I was forced to miss a deadline for one of these clients because my hard drive crashed. (If you have ever had this happen, you know how stressful and frustrating it can be.) I had to tell this client that I couldn't deliver on her deadline and she understood and changed the date of her promotion to give me more time to get the design work done. She signed the email, "Your Biggest Fan."

This made me think about all the little things that many of us do naturally and consistently without even thinking about it—providing excellent service, advice, value and showing up for our customers and clients every day. These little things aren't really little at all. These are the things that nurture our relationships with our most valued clients and allows them to become our "Biggest Fans."

What are you doing to build your relationships with the people you value most? Here are some ideas to help your nurture your clients:

  • Are you showing up on time for meetings and appointments? This shows that you appreciate their time, that you are a professional, and that the meeting is important—no matter how big or small.

  • Are you keeping your promises? If you consistently do what you say, deliver consistent messaging and always provide a quality product or service, they will understand when life gets in the way one day, and you can't meet that deadline or open your shop.

  • Are you sharing articles or links to things that might interest them? Let them know that you want to help and share insight—even when you aren't expected to. This includes emailing them articles directly, sharing great articles on social media or blogging about topics that they will find useful.

  • Do you send them a holiday card or gift? Show your clients or customers that you appreciate them with a note or small present at least once a year. Think about mailing your customers a coupon on their birthday or over the holiday season.

  • Are you referring them to other people that might benefit from their products or services? As you network with other people, make a connection for your clients or colleagues when it makes sense. They are most likely referring you to other people so why not help them too!

  • Pick up the phone or send snail mail. Being in front of the computer all day, as most of us are, it seems as though digital communication is easier, faster, etc., but a phone call can make a big difference in clearing up a discussion that sometimes gets lost in the tone of an email. Think about sending a direct mail piece to your most valued customers. There was a time when our mailboxes were full, but now our INBOXES are full! Stand out from your competitors by sending a thoughtful piece of printed direct mail.

Continuing to show up for your clients and customers by helping them in a genuine, consistent and professional way will ensure that you will have fans like a rock star!

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