Why Having a Website is like Having a Pet


So you launched that website—finally! And now you can relax a bit and get back to focusing on other areas of your business. That might be true for a short time, but having a "set-it-and-forget-it" attitude about your website is a good way to get stale online and possibly miss out on new customers.

Your website is like having a pet. You need to watch over it, feed it and give it a check-up on a regular basis. Here's a mini check-up you can do yourself...

Is your website mobile-friendly?

If it's not, and you want to be found on Google and give your web visitors the best experience possible on their phones and tablets, you should get that site upgraded ASAP. Having a site that users have to pinch and expand to read on a mobile device not only makes you look outdated, but it might be costing you customers. Google doesn't like it either and it will hurt your ranking in the search engines. Aren't sure if your site is mobile friendly? Use this testing tool from Google.

Is the content on your site correct?

We are all growing and changing in our businesses. We change locations, upgrade services & products or refine our target markets, etc., but sometimes these changes don't make it to the website. Having the most up-to-date info on your website is critical. Think about the people that check your hours on your website and show up on a Sunday to shop at your store only to find out that you are now closed on Sunday. Or how about the person that doesn't contact you because they are looking for someone that offers a service that you do, but you simply haven't put it on your website yet to let your prospects know about it. Read through each page of your website and look for content that needs updating. Don't forget to check the footer, the contact form and all the hyperlinks too.

Is the design outdated?

Does your design look like it was created in 2005? It's time for a makeover! Web users are pretty savvy. They can spot a tired-looking website from a mile away. If your website looks dated and neglected to them, what will that say about your brand? With so much competition on the web, it's critical to have a website that reflects who you are as a business.

Are your photos current?

Do you show photos of your work or your location on your site? When was the last time you updated them? When we get caught up in the day-to-day tasks of our businesses, it's hard to stop and make time to update our websites with our latest work. I am guilty of it myself, but it's important to keep your website fresh and highlight the beautiful work you offer or space you occupy. 

Next Steps:

If any of this sounds familiar and you know you need to upgrade that website, carve out some time to get it done. If you update your own site but have become too busy, reach out to a professional to help you. The important thing to remember is that as your business grows and changes, your website must keep pace by growing and changing with you. That's why it is so important to think of your website as a living, breathing piece of your business that needs regular attention...just like a pet.

Need some help upgrading that website? Let's chat!